Inbound Marketing Best Practices For Your B2B Company In 2019

Marketing has become all about customers today. And it is no surprise since the competition in the market is raging high with hundreds of new businesses opening every day. This requires established brands to fight that much harder to maintain their stature as well as startups to play on customer’s need for instant gratification for a quick built. 

For this reason, inbound marketing tactics have found a brand new place among even B2B companies because it is all about attracting customers “in” instead of pushing your products out. So the best way to catch the eyes of potential clients is through inbound marketing

Here are some of the most effective tactics that will help you in establishing your brand and pumping up your conversion rates. 

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The Content

Content always has been and always will be the king when it comes to brand marketing. Conveying the right things, to the right people, in the right way, at the right time is what good content is about. 

The best thriving kind of content is the in-depth original research with establishes your expert status in the market. And everyone listens to and follows an expert. In fact, even statistics prove it. According to data given below by serpIQ, the most preferred length of content among the general audience lies around 2400. 

Talking about B2B industries, if you are associated with software or if you are an eLearning content provider, then offering in-depth and original content to your users can boost your brand image fairly quickly. And thankfully, there are a number of ways to promote yourself outwards in an accessible way to the audience, like email marketing and push notifications for content marketing

Bottom line is, content development does not stop after creation. It is, rather necessary to promote your content for enhancing the sales of your company.

So, longer pieces of content are not just good for search engine rankings but users love it as well. And once correctly marketed, it will make your website traffic surge positively and you will have higher chances of converting deals. 

Adopt multimedia

There have been numerous studies about how videos, animations, and images are much more effective when it comes to marketing than written content. This does not negate the usefulness of long written pieces of content but simply add to it. 

For instance, if you are thinking about reviving some old articles, you can consider turning them into an infographic or a video and then republish. Recycling of content is a must to maintain the health of your website and keep it ranking high on SERPs and making that content more interactive will only take the outcome of this exercise many levels higher. 

Collaboration is the key

To get visible on the map of the internet, the quickest way is to be seen with the ones who are already on it, that is, the experts and big names of your industry. 

Collaboration can come in many ways, you can hire them as an influencer or collaborate with them for content. For instance, if you are creating a webinar or a simple expert video then you can ask them to speak. 

This marketing strategy works in two crucial ways – 

  • It establishes your brand’s reliability as well as the authenticity of your content
  • It helps you in building long-lasting relationships within your industry and expand your reach.

Not only this but when you collaborate with bigger brands that yourself and they generally will have a larger set of audience, they will also share the content in which they have contributed among their media channels. This means that your content will reach a larger audience and help you gain more leads. 


Anyone who owns a business website knows that not every page and every article will rank high on the search engines and attract traffic. In fact, sometimes, content is only created to maintain the consistency and activity of your blog and media channels. 

For instance, if you are in the eLearning industry, specializing in Sales & Services Training then there is a chance that your compliance training posts might not be able to gain much traction. 

Nevertheless, your focus should be the posts which do rank high in attracting traffic and their optimization. From the perspective of inbound marketing, review your old and aged content that is still bringing traffic to your site and find ways of creatively optimizing it. It can be by updating the facts, dates, or even content itself. What helps greatly here is remarketing that content again through emails and social media channels to increase the traffic. 

You must also add a CTA with your marketing ways so as to ensure higher conversions. 


As said before, inbound marketing is all about enticing the customer enough to land at your site and stay. So maintaining its health along with the content are the most paramount of practices.

Guest contribution by Suzanne Elly, freelancer, and ghostwriter. 

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