How to think like a Flawless Investor

You may have heard many times people such as Warren Buffet saying things like “Investing is not rocket science.

Even though investing is not rocket science many still find it hard. But what is about investing that makes it so difficult? 

The most striking aspect relies on the psychological framework used by “flawless investors,” which is different from the average investor.

In fact, in the last decades, Investing has become increasingly concerned about our innate ability to make decisions and less interested to the technical baggage needed.

Both those aspects are crucial and need to walk hand in hand if we want our investing strategies to be successful. In the long run.

This book is not about how to get rich in a week or month. This book will show you the path toward self-discovery. 

If you thought of yourself as a perfect individual “The Flawless Investor” will show you why we are such bad decision-makers and what you can do about it.

Indeed, not only your brain is affected by a set of biases that screws you up, but in most cases, those biases are unknown to you.

We have many cases in the financial history of incredibly smart and talented people eventually blowing up due to their inability to understand their biases.

Behavioral finance and the new discoveries in cognitive psychology need to be integrated by “the flawless investor.”

Consequently, you will have a robust framework for investing. Also, included in the book there is a free coupon available (for those who want to learn more about finance), for the course “Flawless Analyst” (worth $99!)

What are you going to learn?

– How to read, interpret and build financial statements
– How to use ratio analysis
– How to gather financial data
– How to perform a financial report
– How to use Excel like a finance professional

Indeed, the online course will give you the technical framework, through the book you will gain the psychological understanding.

Technical and psychological knowledge walk hand in hand. If you miss one, you are screwed. In fact, the success equation in the financial world states:

Technic x Psychology = Success

Why the “x” sign?

If you have one but lack the other, your success would still be zero. In other words, if you are technically strong but lack the mental framework, you will fail.

Also if you have a mental framework but lack technical training, then again you will fail. Success in the financial world is the result of those two frameworks that sustain each other.

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