Google Q1 2023

Q1 2022 vs. Q1 2023 SUMMARY

  • Google Search & other revenue: Increased from $39,618M to $40,359M.
  • YouTube ads revenue: Decreased from $6,869M to $6,693M.
  • Google Network revenue: Decreased from $8,174M to $7,496M.
  • Google advertising total revenue: Slightly decreased from $54,661M to $54,548M.
  • Google other revenue: Increased from $6,811M to $7,413M.
  • Google Services total revenue: Increased from $61,472M to $61,961M.
  • Google Cloud revenue: Increased from $5,821M to $7,454M.
  • Other Bets revenue: Decreased from $440M to $288M.
  • Hedging gains (losses): Decreased from $278M to $84M.
  • Total revenues: Increased from $68,011M to $69,787M.
  • Total Traffic Acquisition Costs (TAC): Decreased from $11,990M to $11,721M.
  • Number of employees: Increased from 163,906 to 190,711.

Q1 2022 vs. Q1 2023 SUMMARY:

  • Revenues: Increased from $68,011M to $69,787M.
  • Cost of revenues: Increased from $29,599M to $30,612M.
  • Research and development (R&D) expenses: Increased from $9,119M to $11,468M.
  • Sales and marketing expenses: Increased from $5,825M to $6,533M.
  • General and administrative (G&A) expenses: Increased from $3,374M to $3,759M.
  • Total costs and expenses: Increased from $47,917M to $52,372M.
  • Income from operations: Decreased from $20,094M to $17,415M.
  • Other income (expense), net: Improved from ($1,160M) to $790M.
  • Income before income taxes: Decreased slightly from $18,934M to $18,205M.
  • Provision for income taxes: Increased from $2,498M to $3,154M.
  • Net income: Decreased from $16,436M to $15,051M.


  • Overall revenues increased year over year, but growth was modest.
  • Costs and expenses increased across all categories, with a notable increase in R&D expenses.
  • Income from operations decreased, indicating lower operational profitability.
  • Positive change in other income (expense), net, contributed to offsetting some of the decrease in income from operations.
  • Despite higher revenues, net income decreased year over year, partially due to higher provision for income taxes.

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