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Hi, I'm Gennaro Cuofano

One of the most significant issues tech companies face is distribution and the ability to design a sustainable business model. The more a company is based on a tech product or service, the more the founders will be technical people (engineers or programmers). While this is great and it allows to build an incredible product. That can also lead to oversight of proper sales and distribution strategies that will enable the business to take off and become sustainable, quickly! 

As Head of Business Development for WordLift.io, I focus on finding the right strategies, distributions, sales processes to speed up the growth of the business. At the same time by never losing focus on product and customers’ needs. From the encounter of a great product built on top of customers’ needs, distributed through the right channels, I believe any company can achieve success, quickly and sustainably. 

On FourWeekMBA.com I research on topics I’m passionate about that can help entrepreneurs or top-level managers to scale up their businesses. 

How can I help you? 

  1. Assess the proper distribution strategy 
  2. Design a business model
  3. Suggest effective revenue generation strategies 
  4. Find a product/market fit 
  5. Build up sales processes
  6. Assess distribution strategies 
  7. And all else related to sales, distribution and digital marketing strategy 

What’s Next? Book a free consultancy, now! 

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