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Hi, This is Gennaro

If you’re here, it means that in some ways you might need help growing your online business. So let me tell you a little bit about myself. I graduated as a Lawyer. Then earned an International MBA and worked as a financial analyst for a Real Estate Investing Company in San Diego, California. Back in 2015, I resigned from my job because I wanted to be on my own. Since then, I started my path as a digital entrepreneur. From online courses with 3,800+ students and paid ebook with 1,000+ readers, I found the web a fantastic place to experiment.

Now I dedicate most of my time to starting and growing online businesses. I am involved in the growth of WordLift.io as Business Developer. My focus is digital marketing, business development, and distribution.

  1. if you don’t know what channels to tap into to create a proper distribution;
  2. if you don’t create a sustainable business model;
  3. and if you don’t make sure that your product and service can get integrated into your business model.

It doesn’t matter how good the service or product you’ve built your business won’t become sustainable in the long-run. This is where I can help you out! 

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