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Hi, This is Gennaro

If you’re here, it means that in some ways we share a few passions. I graduated as a Lawyer. Then earned an International MBA and worked as a financial analyst for a Real Estate Investing Company in San Diego, California. At that time I began to think about the possibility to create a blog. It took me two years, but in 2015 I created this blog; ever since I started my path as a digital entrepreneur. From online courses with 3,800+ students and paid ebook with 1,000+ readers, I found the web a fantastic place to experiment. Now I dedicate most of my time to starting and growing online businesses. I am also involved in the growth of WordLift.io as Business Developer. In this blog, I write about the things I learn through experimentation. I try to make this blog the place where you’ll find inspiration, learning, and growth through experimentation.

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