Who is Gennaro Cuofano?

Gennaro is the creator of The Four-Week MBA Community. Gennaro holds a Law Master’s Degree from LUISS University and an International MBA Degree from LUISS Business School. He also joined the University of San Diego, as an exchange MBA Candidate. He completed his MBA successfully. After the MBA Gennaro worked as Financial Analyst/Assistant Controller for a Real Estate Investing firm in San Diego, CA. There, He had the chance to develop an in-depth understanding of the financial discipline. After three years of experience in the financial industry, Gennaro started The Four-Week MBA. He also wrote several e-books on Amazon, online courses on Udemy and a successful YouTube Channel with thousands of subscribers. In his books and courses He covered topics from accounting to financial analysis. At the same time, he developed a thorough understanding of digital marketing. Now Gennaro is part of the WordLift‘s team. He helps the company to accelerate its growth and at the same time focus on customer retention, user experience, and content marketing.

Here’s what Gennaro says about his experience in the digital marketing world:

I joined the digital marketing world in 2015, when I started my blog (The 4-Week MBA). The intent is to make business education simple, accessible and actionable! You study years and years to earn your education, just to see the skills you learned not relevant anymore. The world changes at faster and faster pace. What was true five years ago doesn’t have to be so in five years time. That is why when I started my blog I focused on principles rather than techniques. Principles are evergreen and have a multi-disciplinary approach. Based on that I share on my blog the resources that I find most useful, inspirational and actionable! Of course, the resources, principles, and strategies I share are also based on my personal opinions and experiences. If you’re looking for something more encyclopedic, then Wikipedia is the place for you. Here you will find what I believe is most relevant in the business world. That is my perspective, and I hope through it to enrich yours!

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Gennaro Cuofano

Gennaro Cuofano, International MBA. Creator of The Four-Week MBA Community and Content Marketer/Business Developer at WordLift