Facebook Vs Instagram: What’s Best For Your Business

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced marketer, you will prefer to launch a social media campaign with lead generation to boost your audience engagement and brand awareness.

This is because social media marketing is the most accessible way for you to get versatile, and it’s cost effective as well.

Social media platforms are powerful when it comes to sales, engaging targeted audiences, getting traffic to your website, and improving your organic search positions.

Undoubtedly, more and more businesses are including social media as a prior part of their marketing strategy.

Hence, for an active social media campaign, you should know which platform to choose best for your niche to get the best results.

Facebook vs. Instagram: what do they have to offer?

Facebook is a large platform. Since its launch in 2004, its daily user number has grown to 1.47 billion till the mid of 2018. Initially, it was launched to get people in touch, and now it is used to get in touch with the audience through advertising.

While Instagram was launched in 2010 as the home to storytelling, it gained popularity with 800 million users in 2017 globally. Seeing this, Mark Zuckerberg bought it in April 2012.

Hence, selecting a social media platform is tough, both platforms are powerful for marketing, but which suits for you? Let’s figure it out!

1) Brand Engagement

There are around 60 million business pages on, while only 32% of them are regularly engaging their followers. Moreover, 70% of companies are using Instagram for their marketing among 80% of them is followed by a decent amount of users, and 68% engage them with posts and brands regularly.

Hence, Instagram has high brand engagement, while Facebook has a huge number of untapped audiences. If used smartly, both can serve a fruitful platform to generate revenue.

2) Targeting Audience

Hence if you are trying to reach younger lead generation, Instagram might be the best option for you while if your customer lies in the professional segment with a trait of decision making, then Facebook might be the best choice for you. While the middle-aged population can be approached on both of them.

3) Mobile-friendliness & Usage

Facebook may have an edge here because it has a fantastic desktop version with a full-fledged working feature as well as a responsive app that looks as good as on small screens as that on a desktop. Its messenger is also optimized for all kinds of mobile usage. Alternatively, Instagram lacks a good desktop experience. There are a lot of limitations for users on desktop as compared to mobile devices. You can’t upload or edit posts lively.

Hence, Facebook can be useful in this manner for marketers who want to approach a broad audience on multiple devices because 95% of Facebook users access their accounts on their smartphones and only 38% active users on desktops while 9% on tablets.

4) Type of Ads

There’s a variety of ads from video posts to events creation on Facebook, and all can give you great results. Most of them are engaging, giving you a lot of space for creativity. Instagram has four types of ads which give you limited options, but the fact cannot be denied that Stories Ads are better than Feed Ads.

Instagram stories have a 23% higher conversion rate than feed ads and have 78% more clicks when compared to Facebook. This is why stories are versatile to give you a good ground to play.

It is recommended checking every type of ad to suit your campaign and deliver results to make your strategy successful.

5) Cost of Campaign

Social media marketing is a bit costly, despite the platform you use. However, there may be some factors that influence the cost of your campaign. This includes; targeted audience, industry, ad quality, ad objective, bidding amount, and category. Hence you will have to pay as much as you want to buy.

Hence, the cost of social media can be high. However, it is worth it. Both of them will give you a high ROI. To manage the campaign within your budget, you need to smart in terms of ad creation and buzz.

We recommend you to invest in ads that suit your niche perfectly. Also, make sure to create them on purpose. Target the right audience and do add a CTA linked to your website on the relevant page. This will increase your overall traffic, brand awareness, and ultimately, sales.

You can also hire a digital marketing professional with updated trends to take care of your social media campaigns. He /she will help you in multiple ways and will overcome the flaw of you being a beginner in the field. Ask yourself the worth of adding a cost and its possible outcomes on your revenue positively. Don’t be afraid to take the risk and strike with an experiment to get your potential prospect to yourself.

Key takeaway

If you have come to this far, you are now much clear about your choice of the social media platform for your marketing campaign. Both Instagram and Facebook have a lot to offer you with a predictable to actionable high ROI. So you can use both equally if needed. Some ads do better on one while others on the second one. You are the one who can decide what best for you. There are several possible strategies you can use to make ends meet. Good luck!

Guest Contribution by Stella Lincoln, a qualified business consultant having rich experience in customer service and business development. She is currently working as the Business Executive at Crowd Writer. Stella is an excellent academic writer and enjoys reading books. She also owns a business consulting firm since 2012.

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