Email Marketing And Automation: 4 Strategies Worth The Effort

In this day and age, there are about a gazillion ways to make a business thrive, each one promising better results than the next, each one doing things slightly differently than the previous one…

But what is the best way to make a business grow and have a steady income? 



Email marketing comes as a close second to SEO, which is more than understandable, seeing as email marketing is one of the most cost-effective strategies. Now, let’s see which are the email marketing and automation strategies that are worth the effort and are bound to boost your CRO.

Welcome the newbies!

Why would you enter a website, if not to check it out? This shows your interest clearly, sure, but does this mean that you’d buy on that very same moment?

I don’t think so… So, the best thing to do is to get your visitors to subscribe to your email list. It saves the visitors the commitment and sounds more appealing. It’s practically a step that not too many feel uncomfortable with, especially if signing up contains something like a discount code.

And once you’ve got your newbie, it’s time to send them a welcome email!


Source: Saucey

This email is simple yet powerful and has got a very contemporary vibe about it. And if you visit the website, the sign-up form looks like that:


So, there’s clear value upfront. Score $10 off, sign up, you’re all over and done with it!

It’s an easy email that doesn’t require too many visuals or too much copy-mind you, going overboard will be confusing to the reader in the end.

One well-placed “Take me to the website” button is enough-or in our example, “Let’s order”. This button can lead to a carefully created landing page or the website itself, whatever helps increase conversion!

Why content matters so much?

Content is king! And should be treated as such.

You see, you don’t want your customers to have a one-time relationship with you. You actually need them to have something more, something meaningful, something like recurring orders!

But how many people would order from a brand that doesn’t speak to them?

You see, people nowadays don’t buy products, they buy answers. And if your brand’s tone isn’t answering any questions, then you’ve lost the game.

What you could do, would be to send out an email that will be interactive, have beautiful, playful imagery in it and will help users engage. It could be a cart abandonment email, or perhaps a re-activation email.

You could even make a game out of it, by making the email interactive and encouraging users to find the hidden discount!

Their opinion=Your growth

First and foremost, you need to sit down and understand, by checking your data, what kind of people your customers are. What their likes and dislikes are. In general, what makes them tick.

Once you manage to analyze your data, create your buyer personas, ie the depictions of your ideal customer, and you’ll be good to go!

But you can’t just rely on analyzing your theoretical ideal customer. You need to take some much-needed action as well. And how are you going to do that?

But by asking your subscribers what they think of you directly, of course!

By sending out a survey, you can collect plenty of data that will help your company grow in ways you wouldn’t even know. And no question is too weird or too personal. You can ask everything, from what they think of your interface to how they’d rename the brand if needed.


Source: bellroy

And you must definitely not forget the most important question: How likely is it that your customer would recommend your brand to a friend?

This question will give you your Net Promoter Score (NPS) as an answer. And NPS is one of the most important metrics out there.

By asking all the right questions, you can grow quickly, easily and cost-free, seeing as you won’t need any guesswork or advertising experts to tell you what’s what.

You’re turning your own fans into “co-workers”, or better yet, into branding experts and that’s really saying something to them, seeing as you’re making things more personal that way.

Nurture your leads

No matter how hard you may try, not every follower wants to be a loyal customer and not every order has to be a recurring one.

But what you can do, is maximize the number of leads that would be interested in becoming loyal customers by nurturing them. This will definitely bring you more revenue and keep your resources intact.

Just set up and send out a campaign to valued customers. This could contain a little discount, a free sample-if you’ve got them-or a free consultation session. Anything to show your repeaters how much you appreciate the fact that they’re… Well, you know. There.

Take it one step further by providing a little bit of extra discount for referrals and definitely send follow-up emails in case they don’t take advantage of the offer you’ve got to give them!



You see, you don’t need to spend too much time and effort on the how, you just need to focus on what you’ve already got first, and help it grow.

Lead nurturing will do just that, seeing as you won’t need to find new followers, which equals new ad campaigns and is way more costly.

And over to you!

There are plenty more strategies that you can pick and choose from, such as setting up drip campaigns or sending birthday emails, but I think that the previous four are the basics that you need to use, in order to maximize revenue and see your business grow.

So, what say you? Is there anything else you’re already using or would like to add?

Please tell us in the comments and don’t forget to share the knowledge!

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