Everything You Need to Know About Digital Entrepreneurship in Five Infographics from Kissmetrics

Infographics have become one of the most potent tactics for content marketers. In fact, even though it takes time and it might cost to produce an in-depth infographic. Many love them because you can visually summarise entire subjects with a few visualizations. Also, infographics also have higher viral potential, as they get more shares through social media.

In this article, I want to show you five infographics from that can help you get better at digital marketing and grow your business.

How colors affect conversion

Subtle cues often influence our behaviors in a way we don't ever realize. Colors are one of those factors that can affect conversion, therefore sales and revenues. The infographic below will help you out in assessing what colors will work best for you CTAs so that you will improve conversion rates.

How Colors Affect Conversions Source: How Colors Affect Conversions – Infographic

How to get more likes on Facebook

A "Like" is the currency used on Facebook. It is important to remember that likes don't mean anything for a business bottom line. In fact, often measuring likes on Facebook, it's defined as a "vanity metric." However, for one thing, likes on Facebook are useful for improving the chances of getting your content go viral. Virality can help spread content faster. Thus, also growing sales and revenues for a business.

The infographic below shows how to get more likes to improve the chances of going viral:

How to Get More Likes on Facebook Infographic
Source: How to Get More Likes on Facebook – Infographic

Key metrics to focus on for a SaaS business

A SaaS business (or Software as a Service) is a competitive market. To make sure you keep growing it's important to tweak several processes and the product itself to make sure you keep the product-market fit as optimal as possible.

The infographic below shows some key SaaS metrics to focus on:

SaaS Operating Metrics Uncovered
Source: SaaS Operating Metrics Uncovered

In which companies do the greatest Growth Hackers hang out?

Growth hacking has become an increasingly important discipline in the startup world. In fact, it allows to speed up growth through a scientific approach based on experimentation and tracking. Companies like Facebook, Google, Quora, and LinkedIn have among the best growth hacking teams. Those teams focus on specific aspects of the business.

The infographic below shows the interconnected world of Growth Hackers. Get this list and start to follow those people if you want to know what's so unique about growth hacking:

Growth Hackers Infographic
Source: The Interconnected World of Growth Hackers (Infographic)

Why you should start using Quora for your digital marketing strategy!

Quora is a great platform where you can find any information. It is also the place you might want to look at to start building an audience around your brand.

The infographic below is a bit dated. However, the anatomy of Quora stays the same. Learn how Quora works and start using it now:

the wonderful world of Quora
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