10 Actionable Content Marketing Tips for Digital Entrepreneurs In 2019

Are you disappointed by the interminable hours you spend writing quality content, editing, checking and rechecking it, and yet not being able to garner a response you feel your hard work deserves?

After giving up so much of your time and effort, you surely deserve to feel that roaring and cheering audience praising you and being able to measure their pleasure through the sounds of their claps, even if in your mind, you deserve it! 

However, if this is not happening, there must be something which is lacking, which isn’t quite adding up, right? This is where we hop in to help you identify the piece that joins perfectly in the puzzle to give you the result you desire.

First and foremost, you should never forget that there is cut-throat competition out there.

You are not alone in this quest for excellence and success, which means your quality content is probably heaped up, or even struggling to squeeze out from under the mountain of content by various entrepreneurs, people in business, and other marketers who are striving for a name as much as you are.

Some of them might be well ahead of you in the game! 

You don’t need to lose heart. There is a way by which you ramp up your game strategy. You can design actionable content to boost your rankings and claim your success.

By creating actionable content, you give the audience what they want and add value to their knowledge. It is a fantastic and fruitful way to earn the spotlight through gaining confidence and trust of your audience.

You get them something different and valuable rather than feeding them with the usual boring and useless information. 

You might get away with it with some corner niches but definitely not in the competitive ones like technology, gaming, and laptops.

You’d have the top-line content marketing strategy in place to up your game and dominate your competition and make it up to the SERP and other traffic channels of course.

Before we introduce you to some of the best and useful actionable content marketing tips, let’s first understand what content marketing is. 

What is Content Marketing 

To make all the mind-boggling definitions, you might across on the internet comprehendible, Content marketing is basically creating content that drives traffic in huge numbers to your website. You can get new customers, sell your products along with fueling brand awareness in the audience. 

Internet is brimming to the seams with the content of different types for different purposes which the content marketing makes more official. 

How Can Content Marketing Help?

Content marketing provides business with ample opportunity to flourish. Throughout any businesses lifespan, content serves as life support. Content marketing aids in:

More Visits to The Page

Quality content gets more views since it attracts people through invaluable knowledge. This, in turn, gets more traffic to your site. 

More Brand Awareness

If your content has weight and meaning, it does a lot in spreading more about your brand. Increased brand awareness means you gain popularity and more clients. 

Beneficial for SEO

SEO breathes in good content. The fresher and high-quality of the content you deliver, the more lucrative and productive the SEO will be. Content marketing is cheaper compared to outbound marketing, yet gets your three times more profit

Now we can get to some of the best actionable content marketing tips, lift your spirits, it’s time to teach you how to get noticed for all the excellent work you do. 

Fruitful Content Marketing Tips for Entrepreneurs

Start From A Content Marketing Plan 

Starting anything without a clear plan of what you aim to achieve gets you nowhere. The best execution happens when you have drafted a plan for yourself and you one by one follow it to get to the top.

Get into the details to have a clear insight into the topic. Know what you plan to do, who is your target audience, how can you attract their attention, is your content sitting well with the marketing goals or not. All these questions require deliberation in the begin, this clears your vision, and you are better able to see ahead. 

Be Clear and Straightforward 

You should be precise with your words as nobody stays on a website for long to go through all the unnecessary information. Everybody skims to get straight to the point they are looking for. This doesn’t mean you just write off a sentence and conclude your topic. You must be skilled to know how to keep the reader hooked to your content so that he/she keeps on reading. Make it simple yet comprehensive at the same time. 

The Topic Should not Be Time-Bound 

Writing about something which is no longer in demand is useless. If you pick a topic which has lost its charm and there are no frantic searches by people, you are wasting your efforts. You should always select a topic which is evergreen and is never getting old such as health-related or laptops and gadgets.

Imagine eating the same food daily even for a week, and you would hear your inside screaming for a change. Similarly, take a topic which never fades with time, but make sure you bring in new changes. This way, your content is always relevant and has the freshness of a newly concocted mouth-watering dish. 

Ramp Up Your Media Tactics

Visually appealing content is able to sustain the attention of readers. You should make use of pictures or videos. However, the ground rule is, your video and image should be justifying or bridging your content to another relevant point. Don’t just cram the page with images or videos that have to relate to the content.  

Your Content Should Be A Solution 

Since you are marketing to reach to the users, you should be thinking about them while crafting the content marketing strategy too. Imagine being in the user’s shoes and the questions or queries that you would want an answer for, this way you will have a more profound connection with your readers since you will be able to reach their hearts and minds.

You will have a more comfortable time designing the content with a better understanding of what and how others perceive a thing. 

Guide Leads Through Your Content Into Sales 

Content has the power to reach your business goals. However, you should have the smartness to turn it around in your favor. It is because of this strength of content that B2B marketers spend heavily on content marketing. Make it interesting, concise, comprehensive, and useful to drive leads. 

Use Guest posting

Despite the feeling of despair for writing for others, you must understand, that through guest posting, you get the ranking you want. It’s a give and take, and we have to live by the rules whether we want to or not. Look for authoritative websites that match your niche and send quality content. 

Using Influencers To Increase Brand Value

Something that comes from the revered influencers has more weight. You can approach someone who might be interested in what you are offering, your brand value, and your ideas. A single quote or a saying form an influencer can top up your rankings many folds. 

Strong Call-to-Actions

CTA’s are crucial for content marketing. You have to push people into doing something. Therefore, you have to come up with a marketing strategy where your content should be strong enough to get likes, and you have to ASK them to like it. You have to ask for subscription by creating a strong CTA to encourage people to sign-up. By giving in offers, you can give them a perfect incentive! 

Walk Parallel With the MarketPlace 

These are fast times, with things changing and evolving in an eye blinks pace. The market is similarly growing and undergoing constant change. Make sure you do not fall behind! 

Key Takeaway

Content marketing is a superb method to grow your business. You become an expert in your niche, you sell your product, you have valuable input in the business world, and finally, no matter what your goal is, the whole learning process and execution opens up doors for future digital marketing success. 

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