10 Content Marketing Strategies To Grow Your Business In 2019

Have you ever wondered what makes online businesses successful?

Or better still, what is the backbone of successful online businesses?

What engages web visitors and keeps them coming back?

Three questions. One solution. Content.

Content makes the difference between a struggling online business and a successful one.

And to be a successful content marketer, you should consistently apply the best techniques.

Statistics show a high demand for content. The content marketing survey report from demandGen in 2015 showed that: 75% of people who purchase B2B consult web content before deciding what to buy.

If you want to drive more traffic, set up a lucrative online business, and constantly experience high conversion rates, then you should carefully reconsider your content marketing strategies.

Learning what works for others and what doesn’t work is vital because it can help you generate more leads and traffic. And that’s what you’ll learn from this article.

I will guide you through 10 content marketing tips to help you stand out from the noise. And reach your target audience and customers.

#1. Build More Targeted Landing Pages

Your Landing pages are crucial. 

Nullified health raked in 60% more money by simply optimizing their landing pages for exact keywords.

They diligently desired to learn more about their market. And they learnt about it and about the customers too. Then went on to integrate what they have learned in their content.

What about Copyblogger media? They have dozens of landing pages. Each optimized for a keyword that the target audience is enthusiastic about. 

You need to learn this: when creating landing pages, find hot keywords. And build your content around them.

The simplest way to start creating quality Landing pages right away is by using templates. You can choose from a lot of them. However, I personally love Unbounce and Instapage.

#2. Segment Audience Based On the Product Need

Smart content marketers know better than not to segment their audience based on their needs.

You need to segment your audience because while some are buyers, others are not.

It’s logical. Your content are not suitable for everyone at a particular time. Different cycles of buying exist. hence, the need for “awareness” content for newbies and “new improved features” for repeat clients.

The content for newbies will bore repeat clients off their boots and the ones for clients might leave the newbies muddled up.

Therefore, don’t fail to make the most of your marketing efforts by separating customers according to their roles and needs.

A buying persona should be made for the target audience. And will enable you to speak exclusively to a specific audience.

It is usually hard to perform this separation on a blog. So an email autoresponder will be helpful in this.

The email list segmentation is in fact, a must if you desire to make the most from your contact list.

According to Emarketer report: 39% of email marketers that separate their email lists experience more open rates. 28% show better email delivery and more revenue.

#3. Find Out Your Niche Audience, and Give Then What They Want

Before you create amazing content, you need to have a good knowledge of your audience.

The first technique towards this is keyword research to ascertain what your customers are looking for.

Snoop around Google trends and get a proper idea of what your customers want.

Type in your main keyword into the search box and find out how much searches the keyword has amassed in a given period of time.

Through the graph at Google trends, you will know how popular your keyword is. And from there you’ll get insight on how to strategize your content.

The more you know and understand your readers, the more you make your content fit them. And the more your content marketing strategies will prove more effective.

#4. Track Ongoing Results of Data and think Tactically

While you may rely on web data, at times you have to verify these results yourself by personal experimentation.

What worked in the past five years, or even in the past year may no longer work today.

So don’t just accept anything you see on other websites and blogs. Learn to think for yourself. Develop a habit of thinking critically and tactically.

Keep in mind that results are not absolute. So you could get a different result when you do your own experiment. That actually happens 98% of the time. Through deliberate trial and error, brainstorming and observation, you may end up developing a new concept. Which everyone can learn from. This is the way to become an expert.

Brian Dean used this concept in his business and came up with the well-known “content upgradestrategy.

And now many content marketers apply it in building up their email lists.

#5. Make Effective Content Strategies and Use Consistently

Don’t try to build a castle in the air. Don’t strain yourself. Don’t outdo yourself. 

Take things easy. Careful. But serious.

Start from your level and keep scaling up. 

Don’t fuss about your blog not generating enough traffic. Or worry about not reaching 1000 visitors in a month.

Just start the way you should. Small. Build and consistently apply content marketing strategies that can help you achieve your goals.

Instead of whining about not making 1000 visitors in a month. Set a target. Aim. You can aim for 100 visitors in a month. Make sure your targets are realistic. Something you are sure you can achieve.

Keep focusing on reaching your target each month.

Hitting smaller goals will sum up and make the bigger impacts you crave for. Using the hedgehog model, create an awe-inspiring content. And make your visitors share it on various social media platforms.

Use the same technique for your email list. Pay attention to 3 to 5 subscribers each day. 

As the month ends you will notice and an increase in your email subscribers. From 90 to 150 depending on how things go.

#6. Are You Consistently Running A/B Tests?

How many times do you run spit testing?

Research by Adpushup revealed that the rate of conversion range from 1% to 3%. And A/B testing can help you have a better conversion rate.

The slightest addition to your conversion rate is important. As it comes in handy.

Whether you run a small scale business or a large organization, you need to find what resonates with your audience. When you do, optimize your content around that to the fullest. Your content marketing strategies will make more sense.

Split test on just about anything. You may need to focus on headlines, visuals, landing pages, CTA amongst others, because they impact your search performance and drive more traffic.

Run your A/B testing on both mobile and desktop interfaces. Pay attention to user behavior that impacts conversions such as landing pages, email opt-in form and so on.

#7. Craft Your Content Based On Your Core Values

Your core values are what you stand for. They propelled you to where you are today. So your business should express your values.

As your values guide your personality. So much so, your business should have certain core values guiding it too.

For example, if you desire for your target audience to gain from the content you share with them, you should research well for the content. Craft a super beneficial content and share with them. As it is in line with your values.

Focus on improving your website and content to improve user experience. 

No one can dictate these values for you. They have to originate the beliefs you hold dearly.

When your content is built around your values, they help you connect to your audience marvelously. You will find your business exciting.

#8. Make Sure Your Technical SEO Optimized Well

The SEO strategy has evolved past stuffing content with keywords.

So to keep getting the benefits of traffic you need to adjust. Google algorithm now focuses on content quality than SEO stuffing or quantity. This is In order to give the best results. And help people find solutions easily.

Therefore technical SEO is crucial. Hence you need to consider the technical health of your website. 

Optimize your website the best way. And make your content easy to find.

To achieve this, you need to conduct a technical SEO Audit.

Analyze and find what you are doing well. Detect what needs fixing and fix it.

#9. Do Your Competitor’s Analysis And Work With The Data

These days competitor’s analysis isn’t a thing of choice. It’s a must.

You have to spy on your competitors, find out what they do and figure out how to outsmart them.

Industrial experts believe that competitor analysis is a crucial aspect of marketing success.

If you do it well and include the results in your own strategy, you will experience a remarkable steep in your conversion rate and other aspects of marketing.

Use SemRush and other tools to check out your competitors. It takes time to look up all your competitors. However, a simple check on only a few competitors can give you a lot of insight into the industry.

#10. Start Blogging On Niche Topics 

Blogging is a great way to reach your target audience. As you get on blogging on your niche, try to get your content shared on social media platforms.

As you blog, get more and more creative. Diversify. Innovate. You will ultimately begin to get outstanding results.

Some of your target audience are on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram. So you need to be everywhere.

Your content shouldn’t just lie fallow. You put in a lot of time in creating it. So it has to get the attention it deserves.

As you concentrate on your niche, repurpose content to get more traffic. Repurpose only high-quality content, as they have a greater chance of yielding fine results.

Key takeaway

In content marketing, you care about your customers. Your customer’s don’t care about you, they care about their problems.

Therefore you must set out to solve their problems. Be people-focused. And spend time getting to know your audience. That will pay off.

Apply these 10 tips, you will find your business growing and your personal brand getting more popular. However, you need to find a proper balance between user satisfaction, your conversion rates, and your content.

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