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At the beginning of the 20th century in the U.S., the mob phenomenon exploded. One of the most powerful exponents was Al Capone. He ranked among the most despicable gangsters of all time. He killed dozens of people. The climax came in 1929, when he ordered the assassinations of seven rivals. This became the greatest massacre in mob history.

How did the story of Al Capone story end?

Although he committed thousands of crimes he was only convicted with one. In 1931, he was finally convicted for Tax Evasion. A pool of Forensic Accountants directed the investigation. He served in prison for almost seven years. After that Al Capone was debilitated and mentally ill, he had to renounce to his mob career.

Accountants were the ones that brought down Al Capone. While you may never bring criminals to justice through your accounting, you can realize the power that accounting does have.

Although becoming a good accountant is a path that might take years of experience, forming the Accountant mindset is instead something that anyone can start at any time. Understanding and becoming aware of the fact that Accounting is the foundation of business is a crucial step to take.

This manual will give you the tools to start this path and it will allow you to analyze the world with the Accountant eye. Eventually the world won’t look the same again!

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