Awaken the Accountant in You | Master the Accounting Basics in One-Hour

written by Gennaro Cuofano

Why This Manual?

Many associate accounting with math and give it up too fast. This is plain wrong. I wanted to show that you could learn the basics of accounting in no more than an hour of your time.

In addition, I did not want to publish a long (boring) academic book that very few were going to read. Quite the opposite, my aim was to create a manual, widely accessible, easy to understand (yet complete). From this attempt this short manual took shape.

What Can You Expect?

The assumption of this short manual is that you will read it thoughtfully until the end (at the end of the book you will find a nice gift!). In addition you will watch the short videos referenced in the book.

If you follow the instructions you can expect to have a deep understanding of the basic concepts of accounting. Therefore, you will master the double entry and the two main financial statements (balance sheet and income statement).

You will get the resources to practice on your own as well. Those expectations will be met at one condition: you give me one hour of your time.

This means that in the next hour you will be in a quite room, with no distraction. All you need is a piece of paper and pencil. Follow along… that’s all! Let’s start.

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Gennaro Cuofano, International MBA. Author of "The Enlightened Accountant," and "The Art of Mentorship."