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In Q3 2021, Apple reported $83.36 billion in revenues, over $65 billion in products sales, and $18.27 billion in services sales. At the same time, it recorded net sales of over $365 billion for the twelve months ending on September 25th, of which over $297 billion in products sales and over $68 billion in services’ sales. Apple recorded a net income of $94.68 billion in the same period.

A glance at Apple’s financials in Q3 2021

As Tim Cook highlighted during the quarter’s earnings report:

This year we launched our most powerful products ever, from M1-powered Macs to an iPhone 13 lineup that is setting a new standard for performance and empowering our customers to create and connect in new ways

And he continued:

We are infusing our values into everything we make — moving closer to our 2030 goal of being carbon neutral up and down our supply chain and across the lifecycle of our products, and ever advancing our mission to build a more equitable future


In 2021, Apple sold over $191 billion worth of iPhones, over $35 billion worth of Mac, over $31 billion worth of iPads, and over $38 billion of Wearables, Home, and Accessories). Apple’s service business passed the $68 billion run rate in 2021.

What’s coming next?

Apple new product lines

This year Apple hosted two events, one to announce the new iMac, iPad Pro, and AirTags with a focus on presenting the new chimp, directly manufactured by Apple, the M1:

And the second event, hosted in September to present the new Apple Watch and the new lines of Mac Book Pro:

What’s next?

Given Facebook’s announcement on the Metaverse, and how the company is investing $10 billion dollars to develop it, we might expect also Apple to make a bold move in that direction, with a new AR device. This is confirmed by the recent release of a patent thought for AR devices, as we discussed here.

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