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Alexa is another software suite and online platform to meet all the marketing tool needs you will have. Alexa is a part of the world famous and given their experience with cloud and web services, Alexa can be thought of as a worthy competitor to all the above mentioned tools. Alexa focuses on delivering the most meaningful and richest analytics tools for their users. Amongst, digital marketers Alexa is most known for the quality of data analytics and the way they represent these results. Therefore, if you were working in a company with a non-technical management, Alexa would be your best bet to explain key metrics to the management in a simple yet concise manner. Like HubSpot, Alexa is also an all in one tool for marketers, agencies and businesses alike and comes equipped with a wide variety of tools. However, we are going to focus on the marketing related solutions provided by Alexa. These include;

  1. Content Research
  2. Competitive Web Analysis
  3. Target Audience Analysis
  4. Keyword Research
  5. SEO Analysis
  6. Check Backlinks
  7. API

Content Research

Alexa’s content research tool helps marketers channel their content in a way that it rises above all the competition. By helping you find the most shared articles on social media platforms about your niche, Alexa gives insights that help you discover unique angles in order to create new content. The content research tool can do everything from helping you discover successful content, finding high engagement topics, finding competitors top content, identifying keyword gaps, identifying content leaders to improving share of voice and developing domain experience.

Alexa Content Research

Competitive Website Analysis

Alexa’s competitive website analysis tool helps you outperform your competition in everything that is significant in the world of digital marketing from traffic and ranking on SERPs to backlinks and keywords etc. It helps you benchmark your sit against your top competitor, find gaps in your strategy, identify their strengths and weaknesses and then work on those to quickly replace them. The competitive web analysis tool does a multitude of jobs from finding the top competitors in your niche, comparing your website’s traffic with theirs, comparing your content with theirs, comparing share of voice, competitor’s keywords to finding their backlinks and carrying out detailed analysis of their websites to identify their strategies.

Competitive Website Analysis

Target Audience Analysis

Alexa’s target audience analysis tool is a very unique solution to understanding your audience. No other SEO software suite offers a similar tool or functionality since audience analysis for the most part has been overlooked as a significant metric to increase your website’s rank and resultantly increase your sales revenue. Alexa’s target audience analysis tool helps users identify new and interesting ways to engage the audience. By using this tool, you not only focus the most searched keywords etc. but also focus on what customers actually want and what kind of content they care about. Target audience analysis is extremely important in increasing your website’s retention rate as we discussed before that blindly chasing keywords does no good as long as the content does not fulfill user needs. The target audience analysis tool covers all aspects of audience analysis from finding out your target audience, reaching them, engaging you audience, converting them into customers, increasing share of voice to identifying industry leaders and finding unknown competitors.

Alexa Target Audience Analysis tool

Keyword Research

The keyword research tool integrated into Alexa helps you find powerful keywords both for SEO and PPC, in order to drive more traffic and make your research strategy more fruitful. Keyword research helps you identify your competitor’s ranking keywords, find out which one of them have high-value buyers and then find gaps in your keyword profile based on the results. The keyword research tool also helps you find easy to rank keywords, find your SEO competitors, compare your share of voice and search traffic and analyze site keywords.

Alexa Keyword Research Tool

SEO Analysis

The SEO analysis tool like any other SEO software suite helps you optimize your website’s organic traffic and elevate your website’s rank in the SERPs of whatever search engine it is that you are working with. The SEO Analysis tool can help your website with important tasks such as checking technical SEO, finding and prioritizing keywords, optimizing on-page SEO, evaluating backlinks and analyzing search traffic. 

The two other relevant tools integrated into Alexa include a backlink checker, which analyzes the backlink profile of your and your competitor’s website and the API, which is a vast repository of web traffic information available to developers.

Alexa SEO Analysis tool

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