I was sitting in a semi-dark classroom, taking notes as fast as I could.

It was all about formulas, financial theories and technical jargon that I barely understood.

As great as it was, I could barely find the time to enjoy what I was doing.

I had managed to graduate from law school just a year earlier.

Then, it took me three months to understand that I did not want to be a lawyer.

Ok, what now? 

What am I gonna do with my life? 

I always loved the business and financial world.

On the other hand, my understanding of it was relegated to the pages of a dry financial newspaper.

It was plenty of (useless) information; yet I felt like the world was mine.

One day, by chance, in that same newspaper I saw a banner that said,

“Full-Time International MBA”

MBA? What’s that?

I dived into it and realized that it stood for Master of Business Administration.

A course of about two years, where through a practical approach I could learn how the business world worked.

Amazing! I’m all in!

And there I was. Sitting in a classroom with a bunch of people, all trying to keep up with stuff that most of us never heard before.

It was painful, stressful, and yet challenging and stimulating.

One day my professor of operations and supply management brought in a game called “beer game.”

As soon as I was getting ready to have my beer, I realized that it was anything I had thought about.

That was a very realistic game to understand how orders tended to accumulate exponentially as soon as we went upstream in the supply chain!

In fact, in operations management lingo that is called Bullwhip Effect. In short, when there is no open communication between the several players in the supply chain and the only communication going on between them is the number of orders placed; the orders become more and more erratic the more we go upstream in the supply chain.

I was hooked!

I thought to myself if the whole MBA is going to be like this lecture I want to be here forever!

But then things got a bit disappointing.

For one class that was absorbing, practical and useful there were other three that were annoying and pointless.

The MBA experience was overall positive.

Would I do that again?

Not sure. It is true that I had many opportunities thanks to it.

When I enrolled in an MBA program, I fell into the ‘Education Myth’ which states,

Attend class for almost two years, spend dozens of thousands of dollars, and go back to the 9 to 5 corporate job to earn a better salary!

I assumed it was the way things worked.

Looking back, though, I realize now how the world has changed.

The assumptions that were true a decade ago, no longer hold.

I stopped believing in the educational myth.


Nowadays the web makes fantastic resources available to anyone  (it only takes time and patience to find them).

So what? 

They say, “The MBA is not only about education is also about networking.”


I agree that the MBA is a good way to build long-lasting relationships, but that is not the only way.

If you opened this page thinking to find the next MBA website that would show you the ranking of the top business schools, and how to get into them, you are in the wrong place!

Yet if you are looking for useful resources that can boost your business acumen this is the place for you.

My greatest passions are reading, writing, and business.

I read hundreds of books, articles, and posts a year.

I write hundreds of articles a year.

I strive every day to be a better businessperson.

For such reason, It made sense to me to create this blog and community.

I wanted to create and highlight the best available business resources on the web to anyone interested in getting started right away with his/her business education.

Here you won’t find application forms, GMAT tests, MBA rankings; but only practical resources, cleaned of technical jargon and pointless fluffing.

I value your time, and I am not here to touch your pocket.

I have a mission, and I am willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish it,

“I want you to achieve greatness in life!”

If your desire is to start your own business, you will find here the resources to do that!

If you want to boost your career, you will find the resources to do that too.

Whatever is your goal I want to help you to achieve it!

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Best of luck,


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