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As it turns out, for many prosperous businessmen, one of the key factors to success is “having a mentor”. A mentor is a figure that has wisdom gained throughout his life’s experience. Anyone fortunate enough to have had a great mentor, in his/her life, became successful at an early age. We have dozens of examples such as: Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg. They all had mentors that guided them thru hard-times.

Why is “having a mentor” imperative?

Perspective is the answer. Indeed, When facing difficult situations we feel threatened; almost like the end of the world is coming. Psychologically, we make a big deal out of nothing, and small things become catastrophes, in a blink of an eye. Our tendency to be “drama queens” is common to anyone who lost his/her perspective. Stop for a second and contemplate how many times you made such a big deal out of a bad grade in school, thinking almost to kill yourself to avoid your parents’ judgment. Later you realized that a bad grade did not change your life and today you laugh at yourself for making such a big deal. Now, you work, the boss calls you in his office to reprimand you, and guess what? You make a big deal again. Panic starts, the end of the world is close again and of course you believe that life is over. This will happen over and over again, unless…

Why do we act like drama queens?

Because we lose perspective. We are so zoomed into the situation at hand that apparently the obstacle becomes enormous in our mind. Until we burst in anger, fear or tears.

How do we get out from this vicious spiral?

We have to zoom out quite a bit. It means that we have to look at the situation we are facing from the big picture perspective. In such way what seemed huge from short distance becomes tiny from a wider perspective.

How do we gain perspective?

Having a mentor can be a great start. A person with years of experience has already faced what you are facing, and much more. Therefore, this person will pass thru his/her wisdom. The human race is on earth since hundreds of thousands of years. There is nothing you are facing today that has not yet been faced in human history.

What if I don’t have a mentor? How do I find one?

The easiest, fastest and most effective way is thru reading. Today we all have access to any kind of books, one click away. It turns out that reading is one of the most powerful way of being mentored. Imagine how many mentors you can have in your own room, at any time: Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, Warren Buffet, and Benjamin Franklin. All next to your bed, coaching you. Imagine, how many philosophers can dispense you great advice, for free. There is a mountain of wisdom in ancient Greek philosophers, such as Plato, Aristotle, Epictetus. The only limit is yourself and your laziness.

The Art of Mentorship is a collection of best advices (from Emotional Intelligence to the Art of Influence) that will change your way of thinking. In addition, the action plan section will help you to implement new habits and build the life of your dreams.

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