A Glance At WeTennis App Business Model

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This time is the turn of Cameron Almas, co-founder of WeTennis. When I went through WeTennis pitch it was clear to me the passion of Cameron for this project, as he has been for over ten years, also a Tennis player, so he well understood the pain points of finding a good partner to play tennis with, and that is where it all started!

Overview of WeTennis

WeTennis is an upcoming startup based in the UK. It aims to provide a 100% free mobile app centered around community and driven by a love for tennis. The value the app provides to users is the ability to find a local player with a similar level of ability to play tennis with.

Finding a tennis partner is not particularly a new problem to solve in the tennis market, yet not many have been able to find a sustainable business model…until now. Generating multiple streams of revenue by year four, the company aims to generate over £30 million in its fifth year of release before looking to be acquired.

What is WeTennis all about?

WeTennis wants to give people the best tennis experience possible as it aims to help more people, play more tennis, more often. It believes the best way to do this is through the community. Like most things in life, tennis is best experienced within a local community who share the same love for the sport as you. Therefore WeTennis provides an engaged local community of passionate tennis players worldwide.

What does the app do?

The heart of the app it’s about users finding others in their area to play tennis with. Therefore the app will allow people to search for local players of a similar ability and message them in order to organize a match.

The upcoming app will be built with a community focus so users can also discover local tennis activity and share tennis content.

Who does WeTennis attract?

WeTennis aims to solve the problem every amateur tennis player faces; the ability to find someone in their area and on their level to play with. Therefore no matter if you’re a club player or park player or even university player WeTennis provides a level playing field for players to find someone to play with.

Furthermore, WeTennis has noticed a latent demand of tennis players – these are people who would love to play tennis but don’t because they don’t have anyone to play with. By discovering those in your area that play tennis, WeTennis also aims to attract such latent demand of players.

How does WeTennis generate revenue if the app is 100% free?

Many have tried and failed to attach a sustainable revenue model to such a product offering. Often predecessors have attached a freemium model or a subscription model, attempting to generate income by making tennis more accessible. However WeTennis will be 100% free off charge upon release and forever more, therefore it aims to generate it’s income via the lifestyle habits all tennis players possess. 

The WeTennis revenue model adopts the more old school revenue model of a Razor and Blade model. In doing so WeTennis aims to generate three streams of revenue by its fourth year of trading, and is forecasted to generate revenues of over £30million in its fifth year of trading.

Do you want to know more?

For any comments, questions or concerns feel free to email the founder of WeTennis, Cameron Almas at Cameron@WeTennis.app or visit www.wetennis.app or follow them on Instagram @WeTennisApp.

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