10 Epic TED Talks to Listen If You Want to Become a Better Business Person and Entrepreneur

If you’re an entrepreneur in today’s world there are few subjects you have to master; from accounting to human resource; from marketing to sales, a great entrepreneur has also to become a great generalist. On the other hand, there’s also another crucial aspect. The foundation to be an incredible entrepreneur gets based on the right mindset.

In fact, to be always on top of your game in an increasingly competitive world it is crucial to have a mindset that allows you to be successful in the meagerest situations. In fact, success here is not to intend classically, as achieving external things.

Rather success means being able to keep doing what you like even when things get tough. Based on that there are ten Epic TED Talks you must watch to build a healthy mindset that can help you navigate through rough waters.

Why do societies collapse?

A great entrepreneur must be able to understand how society works at its fundamental levels. In fact, besides the technical skills to learn a successful entrepreneur has to be like an anthropologist. In this inspiring and educative talk polyglot, Jared Diamond explains to us what makes societies collapse,

Why you should define your fear instead of your goals

The business world is a competitive environment, where only a few intelligent individuals survive in the long-run. It is crucial to master a new philosophy of life, based on stoicism. Tim Ferris, the author of The 4-Hour Work Week, introduces us to an essential aspect of stoicism, how to get ready for the worst case scenario. At the end of it all, when you get prepared for the worst that is when you’re willing to act with determination,

What explains the rise of humans?

Usually, we think about humans as a species which is way more intelligent to any other animal on earth. Author and Historian Yuval Noah Harari explains why this view is misleading and what is that makes us unique as a species. After this talk, you will have a better understanding of humanity. Not to mention that this is one of former President Obama‘s favorite books,

A kindler, gentler philosophy of success

As an entrepreneur or business person from the way, you define success also depends on your long-term success of your venture. Author and philosopher Alain De Botton gives us a different, kinder perspective on success,

The surprising science of happiness

Being happy can mean all and nothing. In fact, most of it based on the perception we have about our current state. Author and psychologist Dan Gilbert gives us a new and fresh perspective on happiness,

The riddle of experience vs. memory

Even though you think of yourself as a uniform being, there are several you inside your head. That is even clearer when you compare the main two selves that influence your life and choice, the experiencing self vs. the remembering self. Daniel Kahneman, author, psychologist and Nobel Prize in economics explains superbly this intricate conflict between the two beings that “live in your head,”

Are we in control of our own decisions?

We didn’t evolve to live in a complex society, and yet we still take dozens of choices each day. It turns out that those decisions get influenced by invisible clues that we often do not notice which also depends by the way our environment was designed. To avoid to be tricked into bad decisions psychologist and author Dan Ariely guides us into the world with a fresher mindset for taking decisions,

How great leaders inspire action

If money is what fuels business; inspirations is what makes that business thrive in the long-run. Author Simon Sinek explains to us why you want always start with why,

How AI can bring on a second industrial revolution

If the steam engine propelled the first industrial revolution in the 18th century, AI is what will drive a second industrial revolution nowadays, according to Kevin Kelly. If you need an idea to start a business, then you might want to know how to use AI to get off the ground your next business venture!

Why our screens make us less happy

Adam Alter, author of the book “Irresistible”, shows us how screen-based technologies have become very addictive but also how we should learn to take advantage of them but not being enslaved by them and how to use stopping cues.

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